Drive Client

What is the Drive Client?

With the Drive-Client you can easily access your luckycloud data without using the storage space of your PC or laptop. The Drive Client is a virtual network drive which, after successful setup on your PC or laptop, is displayed in the Explorer, e.g. as an S-drive. All data stored in the luckycloud will be mirrored in your file system/finder. A stable and fast Internet connection is required to access and process your data.

Note: The virtual hard disk is only a mirror of your data. Access is only possible with an existing Internet connection. Thus no backup of your data is created. Unlike the Sync Client, your data is stored exclusively in the luckycloud. When it comes to data security, it is strongly recommended to set up a backup of your data on at least one other data carrier (e.g. NAS).

How do I install the Drive Client?

First download the appropriate Drive Client software for your operating system (Windows, MacOS) or the explanation file (Linux). You can find these in the customer dashboard under "Download Manager" or on our website in Support. Install the Drive Client accordingly and start the program.

a) Windows installation

Download the Drive client software for your Windows computer. Install the program by opening the downloaded installation file and following the installation instructions.

Video tutorial: Installing Drive Client on Windows 10

b) Mac installation

  1. download the Drive Client software for your Mac computer. Install the program by opening the downloaded installation file and following the installation instructions.

c) Linux installation

To install the client on your Linux computer, proceed as follows:

  1. open the installation explanation
  2. In the Linux terminal, first add the singing-key: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 8756C4F765C9AC3CB6B85D62379CE192D401AB613.
  3. Next, add the repository to your apt-source list. Depending on the Linux version, the command is slightly different:

    • Debian8: echo deb jessie main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/seafile.list
    • Debian9: echo deb stretch main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/seafile.list
    • Ubuntu: echo deb xenial main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/seafile.list4.
      Finally update the apt-source list: sudo apt-get update.
  4. Install the DriveCLient:

    Version with graphical user interface: sudo apt-get install seadrive-gui
    Version that runs on a console: sudo apt-get install seadrive-daemon

Video tutorial: Installing Drive Client on Linux

Hier findest du noch weitere Betriebssysteme für Linux und deren Installationsanweisungen für den Drive Client.

How can I connect the Drive Client to my luckycloud?

After successful installation connect your luckycloud with the Drive-Client by entering the following login data:

Options Input
Username: your full email adress
Password: your luckycloud password

With confirmation of the login button, a virtual network drive is created that reflects all your data from your luckycloud account in your system.

Possible error sources during account setup

If you receive an error message, check the following possible sources of error:

  • Did you consider the upper/lower case?
  • Is your password correct? (Please try to log in with your login data in the web interface.)
  • Have you entered the correct server address?
  • Please delete any spaces before or after your entries.

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