luckyBox NAS synchronization

What's the luckycloud box?

The lcbox is a program developed by luckycloud to synchronize your data from the NAS with the luckycloud cloud storage.

We build on the proven Seafile Terminal Client and have enhanced it with an interface for the terminal. This makes setting up the synchronization of different folders much more convenient than with the Seafile Client.

With lcbox you can take full advantage of the Seafile client on your desktop.

  • On the one hand there is the Delta-Sync, which ensures that not always the whole file but only the changed part of a file is transferred. Depending on the application, this can save you a lot of transferred data and thus time.
  • On the other hand you receive a versioning of your data whereby you can (accidentally) restore changed or deleted files within your recovery period.
  • The third big advantage is that the whole process is fully automated after the initial setup. So set it up once and then rest assured without worrying that if your NAS fails, your data will suddenly be irretrievably lost.

By the way, the lcbox can also be used on current Linux servers, where you can either install Docker and then use the lcbox in the Docker container, or directly in the pre-installed system. The only requirement is that the Seafile Terminal Client is available for the respective operating system.

We have tested it on Debian 9 so far.

Set up NAS synchronization

Do you have a luckycloud box or a NAS server? Here you can learn how to synchronize your NAS server with luckycloud.

  1. Start the Container Station on your NAS.

  1. In the Container Station you now create a Debian Container. Debian is a Linux-based operating system. First click on Create on the left in the management bar.

  1. Next, type "Debian " in the search bar and click Search.

  1. click on the Docker Hub tab and install Debian.

  1. To be able to configure the container, do the following:

  • Enter a name of your choice.
  • For the CPU limit we recommend 80% and for the memory limit about 50-75% of the total memory, but it should not be less than 1024MB.

  1. In the advanced settings you only have to make changes to the shared folders.

  1. please assign a storage location to the container on which it may store data. To do this, first click on the second add and then enter the path on the NAS (Volume from Host) and the path within the container (Mount Point).

  2. Finally click on Create to confirm the settings you have made.

  1. Now you get a summary of your settings, which you check for correctness and then confirm with Ok.

The Debian Container is created and you return to the Overview page of the Container Station.

  1. There we select our newly created container.

  1. A console will open where you can start installing the necessary packages to download the lcbox package. Click into the console and type the following to confirm with Enter:
apt update && apt install git -y

  1. after completing the installation of git you can download the lcbox package. This is done with the following command:
git clone