Web interface

What is the web interface?

Behind the web interface hides our browser version of luckycloud. You get to this by calling One / Teams: sync.luckycloud.de
Business: storage.luckycloud.de

How do I upload data via the web interface?

  1. please register under
    One / Teams: sync.luckycloud.de
    Business: storage.luckycloud.de
    After successfully logging in to the web interface, you will be taken to the overview of your directories.
  2. Here you can create a new directory with the button "New directory ".
  3. assign a name for the directory.
  4. Optionally you can encrypt the directory by ticking "Encrypt". Assign yourself a password. This is how directories are encrypted end-to-end. Only people who have the appropriate key can access the directory. Click into the newly created directory and upload files or folders using Drag&Drop or the button "Upload ".

Note: An encrypted directory cannot be decrypted again. Encrypting a directory is a one-time process, like a fingerprint, which is irreversible. You need to upload the entire encrypted directory data to a new directory to "decrypt" or re-encrypt it.