Data processing according to EU-DSGVO and BDSG (new)

What do I have to do to process my data at luckycloud?

Due to the requirements of the EU data protection basic regulation, the administration of personal data is now handled more strictly. luckycloud facilitates the processing of sensitive data and offers you appropriate measures to guarantee the highest possible data protection and compliance. In order to ensure that your data is processed in accordance with data protection regulations, you as the client and we or luckycloud GmbH as the processor are obliged to conclude a so-called contract processing agreement (AVV) with each other. The technical and organisational measures (abbreviated: TOMs) and the subcontracting relationships will be sent to you together with the AV contract.

Where can I get an order processing contract according to EU-DSGVO?

  1. Please log in with your admin account under
  2. scroll down to the "Download-Manager ".
  3. click on "Documents ".
  4. click on the green button "Request AV contract ". Complete the requested information and save it by clicking on the "Request " button. Now an AV contract is automatically generated, which you can download under "Your AV contract ".
  5. read the contract. Sign it on the last page .
  6. save the signed contract as PDF, JPG or PNG and write your username in the file name. Now upload the signed contract under "Upload AVV documents ".

Your contract will be stored securely by our privacy department and you can work in the luckycloud in a privacy compliant way. If you have any questions about the contract or other data protection measures of luckycloud, you are welcome to send us a message to .