Order & configure Enterprise

What is luckycloud Enterprise?

luckycloud Enterprise is a hosted private cloud that can be individually adapted to your use case. The special feature: You get your own server, which is fully-managed by us on dedicated servers. The frontend can be individually styled with your corporate identity. You can easily set up your own cloud with the following 3 steps:

1. Order luckycloud Enterprise

With just a few clicks, we will create your own cloud server for you, tailored specifically to your requirements and needs.

  1. to do this, go to our website and scroll down to the product packages.
  2. on the right side you will find luckycloud Enterprise. Click on the "order" button there.
  3. a popup will open. Now enter the email address of the cloud administrator.
  4. after that you have to enter a subdomain, where your cloud should be reachable later, e.g. cloud.my-domain.com.
  5. then assign a name to your cloud or data room, e.g. My Company Cloud.
  6. now all you need is a secure password, which you can later use to log into the luckycloud customer profile and into your cloud. Finally, you only have to enter the captcha and accept the terms and conditions. 8.
  7. click on "Create account" to create a profile at luckycloud to configure, manage and pay for your cloud.

2. Configure and style luckycloud Enterprise.

After the account creation, a popup will open. There you can design and configure your cloud.

  1. determine to in the first step, with how many users and storage space you want to start. You can already start with 8 users. With luckycloud, 100 GB are included per data room. If you want more than 8 users and/or 100GB, you have to move the slider to the right at the appropriate place.
  2. accept the configuration with "check".
  3. in the next step you can style the frontend of your cloud, which you can customize anytime in your customer profile for free. (You can also skip this step, then the default frontend of luckycloud will be applied). Please upload a logo, favicon and background image and choose 2 colors for your cloud. Apply the styling with "Check".
  4. in the next step you can now choose a payment method and a billing interval. Depending on the selected payment method, you will need to fill out corresponding payment information or will be redirected to a continuative page to create a payment order.

3. set domain settings for luckycloud pro enterprise.

Your cloud will get an individual sub-domain that you have determined during cloud creation. Now you need to set a few domain settings - so-called DNS records, "CNAMES" to be precise. Sounds complicated? But it is not! We promise!

  1. in the first step you have to log in to your domain provider, where your domain is located. In this tutorial we refer to the most popular provider in Germany, namely 1&1 or Ionos. After you have logged in to the domain provider, navigate to the appropriate domain and open the settings by simply clicking on the domain. After that, click on "DNS settings" in the selection bar at the top. 4.
  2. now you should see your various domain records. Click on "Create Record" and select "CNAME" as the type. 5. Now open a new browser window and log in at www.luckycloud.de with your Enterprise account as administrator. 6.
  3. directly at the top you should see your data room with a red status message "configuration incomplete". Please click on the small green i-symbol. 7.
  4. a hint window pops up, where you see 2 different CNAME entries, which should look like this:

For the sake of simplicity, we will work with the following sub-domain as a sample:

Record Host Points to TTL
CNAME record: cloud draa8c58eff72511ea814eea5aebe81bd9.lc-dataroom.de period where the setting should be applied

  1. now you just have to copy the records from your dashboard and paste the records in the appropriate place at your domain provider. Save the records.


  • Do NOT copy the entries from this table, because each domain gets individual entries.
  • You have to set 2 CNAME entries in total.
  • If you have specified a TTL of 1 hour by default, it will take up to an hour for your settings to be applied.
  1. After you have done that, you now have to be patient, because we prefer each data room to be quality checked. If the status in your dashboard has not changed within 48 hours, please contact our support.

If you need help or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support.

Video tutorial: set luckycloud pro enterprise domain settings (DNS records).