Common Problems

Quickly fix common error sources.

I forgot my password

I am an administrator of the luckycloud account

If you are an admin and have forgotten your password, you can request a new password to your verified email address by clicking "Forgot password". Otherwise, you can reset your password at any time in the customer dashboard.

I am a team member

If you are a team member and have forgotten your password, only your administrator can send you a new password via the "edit" gear in the team manager. Please contact the administrator of the luckycloud account.

I cannot connect to the sync client

Have you deposited the correct server? You can find detailed instructions HERE.

I have problems with the sync

I have problems with synchronization

Sometimes it can happen that you have problems with the synchronization of a folder. How this happens and what you can do about it can be found here.

Check in advance at whether our systems are available.

Basically, it is recommended to shut down and restart the client/PC. Below you will find a list of various errors.

Synchronization keeps aborting If the synchronization fails, you should check if one of the following options will help you:

  • Restart: restart the client, to do this, first quit it appropriately. To do this, right-click on the luckycloud Client icon in the taskbar at the bottom right and select the Exit option.
  • Standby mode: If your PC is in standby mode, the upload can be interrupted.
  • Where is your data located? The client should always be installed where your data is located.
  • Is the hard disk on which your data is located encrypted? Disable the function that the sync client should start automatically after PC restart. Please start the client only after you have decrypted the hard disk.
  • Is it because of your AntiVirus protection program? You can deactivate your AntiVirus program as a test to see if it blocks the connection to luckycloud. Are you using a proxy server? If you are using a proxy server in your network, you need to configure it manually in our client's settings first.
  • In the luckycloud Client, right-click on the affected directory and select "Resync".
  • If you want to synchronize network drives with luckycloud, you need to enable the options "Do not disconnect a library despite local error" and "Do not disconnect a library despite server error" in the client's settings. Generally, we recommend that you store the data locally for better performance.

If you still have synchronization difficulties, our technical support will be happy to take a look over your systems. To do so, send us an email to our with a brief description of the problem and feel free to leave a callback number so that we can help you as soon as possible.

I don't see a green cloud in my folders, but an exclamation mark.

If you see a "!" or "X" instead of a green cloud with your directories, you can try the following to restore synchronization:

  1. restart our client by exiting and restarting it. Alternatively, restart the PC.
  2. if the problem persists, you can try to stop the synchronization and link again. To do this, right-click above the affected folder in our client and select the option Unlink synchronization:Then confirm the prompt with Yes.
  3. right-click on the folder again and select Download and Synchronize.
  4. here click on synchronize with existing folder.
  5. finally, be sure to specify the folder path of the original folder on your computer
  6. after a short synchronization time, the cloud should appear in green again. However, it may happen that another user has changed a file in the meantime. If this is the case, conflict files will be created automatically.

If the problems persist, please contact our support (

I cannot create share links

You must be authorized to create share links. Share links (upload and download links) can only be created from unencrypted directories.

Deleted files reappear.

You should delete the local index of your sync client on both devices. Old/incorrect metadata is stored in it. These old index files cause outdated files/folders to be uploaded.

To do this, please proceed as follows:

  1. stop the sync client on all devices. Clean up your cloud online and delete all unwanted folders/files. 3. Navigate to the local "luckycloud Client" folder on your device. You can use the search function in Finder or Explorer for this purpose. 4. If necessary, move your data to another location if you had synchronized your data in the "luckycloud Client" folder. 5. Delete the entire "luckycloud Client" folder. 6. Update the sync client on all devices. 7. Launch the sync client. 8. Connect the local folders to the cloud (synchronization with existing folder).

Deleted directories can no longer be synchronized in the sync client after recovery.

If you should restore a library after an accidental deletion, it can happen that the sync client gives you an error message when trying to restore the synchronization.

In the majority of cases, it can help to stop the sync client completely and restart it. How to stop the sync client you can see here:

If the library still can't be connected to the corresponding folder, it's probably the Seafile folder. 1.

  1. quit the sync client again as described above.
  2. now go to your user folder on your computer and locate the "Seafile " folder.
  3. please check if you have any personal data stored in it. If yes, please move them to another folder. (e.g. a folder called "luckycloud"). 4.If the Seafile folder is free of your personal data, you need to delete it now.
  4. once the folder is completely deleted, restart the sync client.

Now you need to log in to the sync client again and reconnect the directories that were synced with your computer. You can learn how to connect folders located on your device to existing directories here: The synchronizations should now all run smoothly in the background again.

MacOS: After update to Montery the drive client can no longer be started.

If you get the following error message after updating to macOS Montery: "Unable to inintialize: the kernel driver could not be installed", we can help you here.

  1. completely uninstall the drive client. 2.
  2. restart your computer. 3 Download the Drive client again and install it.
  3. now just login and you are done!

Fix SSL certificate error in luckycloud sync and drive client.

Due to a change in the certification authority we use, Let's Encrypt, there may be problems in individual cases when the operating system has not updated its locally stored certificates. If you experience an error with SSL certificates, the following steps will help you fix it.

  1. access with a Google Chrome/Chromium browser. (Microsoft Edge also works for Windows users).

  2. then close the sync / drive client as described here:

  3. restart the client.

For Windows 7 users, it may happen that this solution is not always enough. Here you can still try to stop the verification of server certificates in the Sync and Drive Client.

  1. in the taskbar on the right side go to the small arrow "Show hidden icons ".
  2. right-click on "Seafile "
  3. select **"Settings
  4. under "Advanced " "Do not check server certificate for https synchronization "

Individual folders and files do not synchronize **.

If certain folders and files do not synchronize, but everything else works, it may be due to naming.

In Windows, certain characters have a system-internal meaning when used in file names. Examples of this are the asterisk (* ) for wildcards and the backslash () as a directory separator. Thus, the different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) each have rules for naming data. So it can be that a user creates a folder on MacOS or Linux, which has a dot at the end of the naming and then synchronizes it with luckycloud. If you then want to synchronize this on a Windows PC, error messages may occur.

This can also happen in the luckycloud web view because it is based on Linux.

If the name of a file or folder you are trying to upload contains any of the characters listed below, you will need to rename the file or folder to remove those characters before attempting to upload. Here is a list of invalid characters:

~ " # % & * : < > ? / \ { | }.

Sync and Drive client installation error on Windows.

Sometimes there can be problems installing our software on a Windows PC due to missing permissions. Here it can help to install the sync and drive client with the Windows command prompt (cmd) as admin.

  1. go into the Windows search and type "cmd ".
  2. right click now on the search result.
  3. "Run as administrator ".
  4. now type: msiexec /i and behind it the path of the installation file.
    In this format: msiexec /i "path/installation file.msi "

    Here is an executed example:
    I want to install the sync client and I have the installation file in my downloads folder.
    I enter this into the command line:
    msiexec /i "C:\User\Demo\Downloads\luckycloud-SYNC-Client.msi "