Welcome to luckycloud office!

Our groupware is currently in beta phase. You can activate it for free in your luckycloud dashboard by going to your mail manager "activate luckycloud office ".

Activate luckycloud groupware for free

If you don't see a mail manager, you will need to activate it in the [configurator and create an email address to use luckycloud Office.

With our secure groupware you can easily collaborate. Time and spatial distances do not matter.

Our groupware features at a glance:

  • Maximum security through zero knowledge principles and our own e-mail infrastructure in Germany.
  • Creation of multiple calendars and address books.
  • Easy creation and editing of appointments and tasks.
  • Secure sharing of calendars, contacts and mailboxes incl. rights distribution.
  • Send appointment invitations with accept and decline function.
  • Export or import appointments using ics file.
  • Easy setup in email clients, like Thunderbird or Outlook.
  • Cross-platform calendar synchronization on Windows, Linux, Android devices, iPhones and iMacs.
  • Easy internal communication through luckycloud Office.

See the Address Book Guide for the following:

In the Email Guide you will find the following:

In the Calendar Guide you will find the following: