luckycloud for iOS

With the luckycloud app you can easily access your data on your mobile device (smartphone/tablet), from anywhere.

You can find this suitable app for your firmware here:

Log in to the luckycloud app.

After you have successfully installed the app, log in.


To sign in with an existing luckycloud account, select "Login".
With "new account" you will be redirected to the luckycloud website to create a new account.
After successful login you will see your directories.

Upload data via the app.


1. To upload images via the luckycloud app, go into the appropriate directory.

2. Press the Plus icon in the top right corner in your directory.


3. Now you can select images from your photo directories and upload them directly

Upload more files

More file types can be easily uploaded to the luckycloud app through the "Share" menu.

  1. go to the app/file of your choice.
  2. now open the "share" menu.
  3. select luckycloud as the sharing destination.

Editing Office files.

If you want to edit Office documents on your mobile device, this is NOT possible with the MS Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). The documents can only be opened read-only. For mobile document editing, please use other app solutions (e.g. OfficeSuite).

Creation of share links.

  1. to share data from luckycloud with others, go to the three dots of the respective directory, folder or file.
  2. select "Share".
  3. here you can create a download link and optionally provide it with a password.
  4. copy the link or send the link directly with one of the listed applications.


Protect app from unauthorized access.

1.Open the luckycloud app and click on the account you want to add touch ID to.

  1. click on the three dots in the top corner.
  2. select settings. 4.Here you can enable Touch ID by tapping on it once.