Access via WebDAV

What is WebDAV?

WebDAV is an interface with which you can access unencrypted libraries. To securely access data we recommend the use of the Sync client.

Wie nutze ich WebDAV?

  1. download the corresponding WebDAV App.
  2. enter the following information:
Options Input
Server (Home / Team):
Server (pro Business):
Username: your full email Adress
Password: your luckcloud password

Note: With WebDAV you can only access unencrypted libraries. Please use the Sync-Client, the web interface or the mobile app** for encrypted libraries.

How do I get directly to a specific library, folder, file?

To do this, simply complete the appropriate path. Here is an example:

Assuming you have a library "test library" in which a folder "test folder" is located, in which a file "test file" is located, then the path must look like this:

Home / Team: pro Business:

IMPORTANT: Please note upper and lower case when specifying the path!