How can I pay at luckycloud?

The following payment options are available at luckycloud:

  • Credit card
  • SEPA direct debit
  • Paypal
  • On account (1 year in advance)
  • Bar (on request)
  • With remaining term (if sufficient)

How do I set up a payment?

  1. account management and payment takes place in your customer dashboard. To get there, log on to our website with your access data. There you can see your current tariff, the available storage space and the remaining time of your account.
  2. click on Configurator.
  3. adjust your account as needed.
  4. scroll down and click on "Pay for this configuration ".
  5. now you will see a cost overview of your individual luckycloud services. Now you can choose between "Recurring payments " and "One-off payments " by clicking on the respective payment method. (If you want to pay by invoice or cash, please contact our luckycloud support hotline at +49(0)30 257 405 39 or .)
  6. If required (for credit card payments), you must now enter the required payment information.
  7. click on "Order now ".
  8. if you pay with Paypal or instant bank transfer you will be redirected to the corresponding page. Complete the payment process.

After successful order you receive a payment confirmation by email.

What happens if my remaining term expires?

You will receive a reminder one week in advance that your account is about to expire. Your account will be deactivated after the expiration of your remaining term. This means that all access will be blocked in the meantime. To reactivate your account, you must set up a payment in the configurator . After successful payment all services will be reactivated immediately.

The deactivated account remains unaffected for one week. After seven days the account including all data will be deleted automatically, because we support the "right to forget". For security reasons the deleted data will be archived in our backups for 30 days. After 30 days all backups will be deleted irrevocably.

If you want to recover your deleted data from the deleted account within 30 days, please contact our technical support. The recovery of data from a deleted account is associated with a considerable recovery effort, which is why you will be charged for this additional effort.

How do I change my billing address?

  1. log in with your access data on our website.
  2. scroll down to the Profile.
  3. enter all required information in the profile, which should be displayed during invoicing.
  4. Apply the changes by clicking on "Save ".

Now all previous invoices are updated with the new data.

How do I deactivate VAT on the invoice?

Disable VAT for private customers

  1. log in with your access data on our website.
  2. scroll down to the Profile.
  3. check "Private use only ". This option is located below the input fields of the profile.
  4. accept the changes by clicking on "Save ".

Disable VAT for corporate customers outside of Germany

  1. log in with your access data on our website.
  2. scroll down to the Profile.
  3. now enter your tax ID in the field "VAT ".
  4. accept the changes by clicking on "Save ".

How do I activate the invoice dispatch by mail?

  1. log in with your access data on our website.
  2. scroll down to the Invoice overview.
  3. check "Send automatically by email ".
  4. scroll down to the Profile.
  5. enter the corresponding email address in the field "Email for invoices ".
  6. accept the changes by clicking on "Save ".