Synchronize Diarium with luckycloud

If you want to synchronize your diary entries from Diarium on multiple devices, or backup them externally, here's how.

  1. tap on the "sync icon " (two round arrows) in the upper-right corner. Screenshot_20220928-120445
  2. select "WebDAV " in the provider selection. Screenshot_20220928-120453
  3. enter the following data in the now opened mask: (*Note: Diarium can only store entries within your libraries and folders, so at the end of the path must be the name of one of your libraries or folders).
    Option Enter
    URL (home / team): https://sync.luckycloud.de/luckydav/LIBRARY-OR-FOLDER
    URL (per Business): https://storage.luckycloud.de/luckydav/LIBRARY-OR-FOLDER
    User name: Your full email address
    Password: your luckcloud password