How can I cancel my luckycloud account?

Too bad you want to leave us. Could you briefly tell us why? This will enable us to improve our services in the future and adapt them better to our customers' needs.

If you have problems using our services or have difficulty understanding them, you are welcome to call us at +49(0)30 814 570 920 or send us an email () with a brief description of your problem and we will work with you to resolve the difficulties.

You still want to leave us?

  1. log in to your customer dashboard under www.luckycloud.de.
  2. scroll down to the bottom.
  3. click on the red button "Delete account ".

With the deletion confirmation, your data will automatically be irrevocably deleted from our servers, as we support the "right to forget" policy. All invoices will also be deleted.

We would be very pleased about a short feedback from you!