Sync Client

What is the Sync Client?

The Sync Client is software that allows you to synchronize your data on the local computer with the luckycloud. luckycloud uses the open source software Seafile. First the Sync client can be downloaded and set up. After successful setup, you can select folders and files to be automatically synchronized with the luckycloud. Changes are then automatically applied to all synchronized devices. Der Sync-Client kann auf Windows-, Mac- oder Linux Geräten installiert werden.

How do I install the Sync Client?

  1. first download the appropriate software for your operating system. You can find it in the customer dashboard under "Download Manager ".
  2. Install the program.

Here you will find detailed instructions on the installation processes for the respective operating systems:
a) Windows-installation
b) Mac-installation
c) Linux-installation

How do I add my account to the Sync Client?

  1. After a successful Sync Client installation, you can specify under "Select " where you want to store the Cloud folder on your PC. All synchronized libraries from the cloud are stored locally in this folder. You can change the location of your luckycloud libraries at any time afterwards.
  2. enter your luckycloud credentials to connect the client to your luckycloud account.
options input
Server (Home / Team):
Server (pro Business):
Username: Your complete email address
Password: your luckycloud password
computer name: Any name that will later be listed in your device history.
  1. you complete the account setup with "Login" .
  2. After a successful login, you can download your standard library ("My Library"). If you want to choose a different location or do not want to synchronize this library, skip this step.

Possible error sources during account setup

If you receive an error message, check the following possible sources of error:

Have you noticed the upper/lower case? Is your password correct? (Please try in the webinterface to log in with your login data.
Home / Team: pro Business: Have you entered the correct server address?
Home / Team: pro Business: Please delete any spaces before or after your entries.

How do I synchronize my local data with the luckycloud?

Once you have successfully installed the Sync client on your computer or laptop and added your luckycloud account, there are three options for synchronizing your folders with the luckycloud.

a) Upload folder and set up local synchronization

With the Sync-Client you can easily bring already existing folder structures into the cloud without changing your previous folder organization.

  1. To upload a new folder to luckycloud, drag and drop the folder into the lower field of the client. This will create a new library in the luckycloud. Alternatively you can click on the field and select the corresponding folder. (Do not double click!)
  2. A window with further options will then open.
  3. If you want to activate end-to-end encryption in this library, check the box "Encrypted" and enter a password. for this folder.
  4. press "OK" to start the process.

The duration of the synchronization process may take some time depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the data.

To share encrypted libraries, the user needs a luckycloud account and password to decrypt the data.

Note: Creation of share links for encrypted libraries is not possible! Please also note that passwords of encrypted libraries cannot be changed. If you forget the password to a library, it is impossible to recover it. luckycloud follows a Zero-Knowledge-Cloud principle and therefore we do not save library passwords onto our Servers.

Click here for the video tutorial

b) Download existing library from luckycloud to your PC/laptop and synchronize it

  1. install the Sync client on your device and add your account if you haven't already done so. The client should list all libraries you already have in your luckycloud account.
  2. Right-click on the corresponding library and select "Download and sync " to download and sync the library. 3 .Then click "Select" to choose the location on your device.
  3. If it is an encrypted library, you will also need to enter the appropriate password. With "OK" you start the synchronization process.

Click here for the video tutorial

c) Synchronize data from luckycloud with local folders

If you already have a folder on your PC/laptop that matches or only partially matches a library from the luckycloud, you can Synchronize your data with each other without having to upload the same data again.

  1. Install the Sync client on your device and add your account if you haven't already done so.
  2. The client now lists all the libraries you already have in your luckycloud account. Right-click on the corresponding library and select "Download and synchronize".
  3. then click on "Synchronize with existing folders".
  4. under "select" click on the corresponding folder on your PC/laptop which should be synchronized with the luckycloud library.

Note:** A common source of error is that users double-click into the corresponding folder. Please make sure that the corresponding folder is only marked. Otherwise, the entire library will be downloaded to a subfolder.

  1. if it is an encrypted library, you have to enter the password additionally. With "OK" you start the synchronization process and the client compares your local database with the cloud.

For files with the same name but different contents, so-called conflict files are created. Here you can find out how such conflict files arise and how they can be solved.

What is the difference between Sync Client and Drive Client?