luckycloud on Android

luckycloud on Android with FolderSync

To be able to synchronize your data to or from your Android smartphone as well, we recommend the app FolderSync.


To install foldersync on your smartphone, follow the steps below.

  1. go to the "App Store ".
  2. search for "FolderSync "
  3. install the app

Integrating your luckycloud account

Now we will set up a connection to your luckycloud.

  1. open "FolderSync "
  2. give the app "file permissions ", "other permissions " are optional
  3. now go to the account icon via the tab on the bottom side
  4. tap on "+Add account ".
  5. now go to "luckycloud WebDav "
  6. at "Choose your subscription " find your product.
  7. enter your username and password. **Pro-Enterprise users also enter YOUREDOMAIN/luckydav for server address.
  8. click on "test " to test if your entries are correct
  9. if the test is positive, tap "Save " to complete the process.

Create a folder pair

Finally, you need to create a pair of folders that will be used for synchronization. 1.

  1. either click on "+Folder pair " after the account integration, or go to the folder icon on the bottom tab and tap on "+Create folder pair ". 2.
  2. here you have first three options how the synchronization should proceed
    • "To remote folder " creates a one-way upload to your cloud-storage
    • "To local folder " sets up a one-way download to a folder on your smartphone.
    • Two-way sync "** Establishes a two-way sync between your smartphone and your cloud storage. 3.
  3. "Folder on Server " takes you to your luckycloud-storage interface, navigate here to the folder you want your smartphone to be connected to and press the checkmark button.
    • Alternatively you can create a new folder, It is important to note that you cannot create new directories here, so you can only create new folders within directories.
  4. at "Local Folder " select the folder on your smartphone where the synchronization should take place. (e.g. "Pictures")
  5. tap on the Sync button to initiate the synchronization manually.


For automatic synchronization you can now define an interval in which foldersync synchronizes your smartphone with your luckycloud.

  1. navigate in the upper tab to "scheduling ".
  2. set a check mark at "Scheduled sync enabled ".
  3. at "Sync interval " you can now select the desired interval with the drop-down menu. (We recommend every 6 hours)