Synchronization on iOS with GoodReader

To connect your data from luckycloud to your iOS, you can use the app GoodReader .

Please note that a subscription of €19.99 is required to use the sync feature of GoodReader.

To establish the sync:

  1. install GoodReader from the App Store.
  2. launch the app and tap "Connect " at the bottom. connect
  3. now open the provider selection with "+" in the upper right corner
  4. select "WebDAV Server " provider%20selection
  5. now enter the following data and tap "Add " in the upper right corner:
Option Input
Readable Title: luckycloud
URL-address (One / Teams):
URL-address (per Business):
User: Your complete e-mail address
Password: your luckcloud password


  1. now tap on the new connection "luckycloud " saved%20servers
  2. choose among your directories the ones you want to sync on your device and tap at the bottom on "Sync " directories
  3. now select the folder where you want to save your directory.
  4. now you can set up a regular synchronization, go to "Settings " in the bottom tab of the main window
  5. here on "Auto Sync " Settings
  6. in the now opened settings specify the interval of the synchronization (e.g. 2 hours) IMG_20220712_152126_0069
  7. done! Now your directory is automatically kept in sync with your device.