Integration of luckycloud with third-party providers

Here you can find various third-party apps and programs in which luckycloud can be integrated and instructions on how to do this.


  • Tomedo Cloud Backup

    For Tomedo users, luckycloud provides a secure cloud storage solution. The article explains how to synchronize your backups with luckycloud.

  • FolderSync

    To also be able to sync your data to or from your Android smartphone, the app FolderSync is a great choice.

  • Azure AD / OAuth2 SSO

    luckycloud Enterprise customers can use their own Azure AD to log in to their private cloud.

  • Download via batch script

    Automatically download files from a luckycloud link via batch script.

  • SafeInCloud

    As a SafeInCloud user, you can backup your database to your cloud storage via WebDAV and synchronize it with other devices.

  • Keepass2Android

    If you use KeePass or similar, you can also use your databases on your Android smartphone using KeePass2Android.

  • GoodReader

    To connect your data from luckycloud to your iOS, you can use the app GoodReader.

  • OnlyOfficeDocuments

    If you want to edit your documents from the cloud on your iPhone, OnlyOffice can help you here.

  • Wordpress Updraft-Plus Backup

    If you want to use Updraft-Plus to set up a backup in wordpress via webdav, there is only one extra step to do.

  • Diarium

    If you want to synchronize your diary entries from Diarium on multiple devices, or secure them externally, here's how.