Which cloud suits me?

The ideal cloud solution tailored to your business

  • Running out of capacity in your IT infrastructure?
  • Need help implementing a secure data backup solution, but don't know what's best for you?
  • You are unsettled by the strict DSGVO guidelines and the ever-changing IT security threats on the Internet?
  • You want to make your way of working more efficient, secure your competitive advantage and strengthen customer loyalty through innovative cloud solutions?

We will be happy to advise you and find the ideal solution for your use case!

luckycloud pro is the premium section of luckycloud and is suitable for every company and institution with high demands on security and availability. Every company has its own idea of the ideal data backend. That is why we at luckycloud have set ourselves the goal of keeping our secure cloud solutions as flexible and compatible as possible. So you can put together your own secure data backend for your company from the respective product variants - from a highly secure, encrypted public cloud to your own private cloud to a hybrid solution.

luckycloud pro offers all the functions that the previous cloud storage of luckycloud also has - supplemented by more functions, more security and more individuality.

This is our service portfolio of our cloud solutions:

1. luckycloud Home and Team Public cloud solution with role management - ideal for single users and smaller teams.

2. luckycloud pro Business Public cloud solution with a wide range of functions - ideal for the administration of larger teams

3. luckycloud pro Enterprise Private cloud solution with all functionalities and individual configuration options and branding - ideal for special requirements.

4. luckycloud Box Highly available hybrid cloud solution that synchronizes your cloud data centrally to a dedicated NAS server with our new lcBox app.

Difference between luckycloud Team and luckycloud pro Business

luckycloud Team is the foundation for all advanced cloud storage solutions from luckycloud. The difference between luckycloud Team and luckycloud pro Business or Enterprise is the System Administrator.
The so-called system administrator is enabled an additional admin panel for data and user administration.

Difference between luckycloud pro Business and Enterprise

Basically, the luckycloud pro Business Administrator has the same functions as the luckycloud pro Enterprise Administrator . The difference between the two solutions is.

  • the cloud service model,
  • the additional authentication options,
  • and the individual front end with its own domain.

Compare all cloud storage features

Feature luckycloud Team luckycloud pro Business luckycloud pro Enterprise
Public Cloud Public Cloud Private Cloud
Multi-platform Sync
Client-side encryption
Remote Wipe
2 Factor Auth.
Antivirus Integration
Mobile Apps
Virtual hard disk
User & Group Sharing
Version control
Upload & Download Links
Selective Synchronization
File Locking
File Preview
Full text search
File Search
Online Office Editor
Online cleanup
Scaling/ Clustering
Single SignOn with Oauth2
Multiple administrators
Separated areas
Fine granular permissions
Multi Tenancy
Single SignOn with ADFS
Single SignOn with Shibboleth
Auth. against LDAP/AD
Own domain
White label branding
Individual UI/ Logo
Individual configuration