Use luckycloud on multiple devices

Synchronize data from luckycloud with local folders

If you already have a folder on your PC/laptop that matches or only partially matches a directory from the luckycloud, you can Synchronize your data with each other without having to upload the same data again.

  1. Install the Sync Client on your PC/laptop and add your account - if you haven't already done so.

The client should then list all directories that you already have in your luckycloud account. Right-click on the corresponding directory and select "synchronize with local folder".

  1. If the directory is encrypted, you will also need to enter the appropriate password. With "OK" you start the Synchronization process and the client downloads the directory or compares your local database with the cloud.

For files with the same name but different contents, so-called conflict files are created. In the linked description you will learn how such conflict files arise and how to solve them