Synchronize your SafeInCloud database via luckycloud.

As a SafeInCloud user, you can back up your database to your cloud storage via WebDAV and synchronize it with other devices.

  1. open "Options " in the top bar.
  2. go to the tab "Cloud sync".
  3. Select "Another Cloud (via WebDAV).
  4. via the menu at "Protocol" "HTTPS " select.
  5. at "Host " now enter the following information:
option input
Server (One / Teams):
Server (per Business):

  1. complete the address after "/luckydav " with your directory and the folder where the database will eventually be stored.
    Following this principle:
    Where the "SafeInCloud.db " is automatically appended by SafeInCloud.
    IMPORTANT: Pay attention to upper and lower case of the names and insert spaces.
  2. "Port " field can be left empty.
  3. User name: | Your full email address.
  4. Password: | Your luckcloud password |
    10.Now still click "OK " and wait until the program tells you the confirmation about the connection.
    Now your database is synchronized in the cloud and can be connected in the same way on other devices to use the same database everywhere.

Important note: Encrypted directories cannot be viewed or mounted via the WebDAV interface.