Install luckycloud software


How do I install luckycloud on my PC?

To synchronize your data on the PC with the luckycloud, we recommend synchronizing via the Sync client. To do this, install the Sync Client software on your PC or Mac. You can find the right software for your operating system in the customer dashboard under Download Manager or here Please click on the respective icon.

After you have selected the appropriate software for your operating system, you will be redirected to the respective page. There you can download the installation file (for Windows & Mac) or get an explanation how to install the luckycloud Client (Linux). Please install the client accordingly.

Here you will find detailed instructions of the installation processes for the respective operating systems:

To connect the client to your luckycloud account, please enter the following:

Option Eingabe
Server (One/Teams):
Server (Business):
Username: your complete Email-adress
Password: your luckycloud-password

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