Frequently asked user questions

The Sync Client stores your data locally on your PC and synchronizes every change of a file or folder. You can access your folders and files even without the Internet. The Drive Client, on the other hand, integrates a network to free up local storage space. Here, too, every change to a file or folder is automatically applied. However, an Internet connection is required here.

In order to be able to work on a document with team colleagues or external partners at the same time and track all changes in real time, it is a good idea to create a share link. With this you can easily share files with non-registered users and edit them simultaneously.

To create a share link, click on "Share" next to the respective folder or file in the web interface. You can now copy the link or forward it by mail to the selected person.

In luckycloud, a "user" is someone who has a luckycloud account and has access to the luckycloud. A user can be assigned the following roles by the administrator:

  • User
  • Teams
  • Guest

At luckycloud, an "administrator" is the person who handles payment, account and team management. An administrator account also has access to the cloud storage of luckycloud and can do everything a user can do.

  • Thus, an administrator is also a user.
  • All single user accounts are administrator accounts.

In the web interface you will find the Tools tab on the left side and below it the Activities item. Here you will see all activities of all users on files and folders sorted by date, each with the corresponding time.

For each change, a snapshot is created that contains the state of the directory after the change. If you accidentally delete a file, you can easily restore it. To do this, go to the directory and click on the clock (Versions) in the top right-hand corner, where you will also see an overview of all the files that have been changed. Under Action, the option View snapshot appears via mouse-over. Here you can download any version and also restore it (also via mouse-over under Action.)

Sometimes other users and you may be editing the same file at the same time. Your changes may conflict with the changes made by others. In this case, your change is saved while your friends' changes are saved as conflict files. These files end with the author's email address and the current time - for example, test.txt (name@beispiel.de 2013-10-01-00-12-24). This gives you the opportunity to manually view and adjust the changes.

In the Teams Manager click the "edit" gear. Here you can customize the settings for each individual user. In the private storage field, you have the option to assign storage quotas. These should not exceed the available team storage size, otherwise you can always make an adjustment in the configurator.

In the web interface, under Tools, click Published directory and then click the Publish directory button.

Deleted data in the recycle bin and versions also occupy disk space. We recommend that you clean up your data.

Attention: Irrevocable deletion. It is no longer possible to restore the deleted versions!

If you delete a user, all luckycloud services will be deactivated with immediate effect and the data stored there will be completely deleted. To add this user again, please contact our customer support at or +49 30 814 570 920.

An encrypted directory cannot be decrypted again. Encrypting a directory is a one-time process, like a fingerprint, that is irreversible. You must upload the entire encrypted directory's data to a new directory to "decrypt" or re-encrypt it.

Within a browser, a single file for upload/download can be a maximum of 4 GB.
This counts for your storage web interface as well as for external share links.
Important: When downloading a folder it will automatically be converted to a "zip file", this must also not exceed the 4GB limit.

If you need to upload or download larger files, please use our Sync- or Drive-Client.

You can access our service using WebDAV, we no longer offer SFTP for security reasons.

When setting up a recurring payment via PayPal, you allow luckycloud to debit your Paypal account for a period of 12 months. If the direct debit agreement expires, you must enter into a new agreement or set up payment at the currently applicable prices. We recommend using SEPA direct debit or credit card.

In a nutshell: With us you are a customer - not a product. We do not sell your data to third parties. As a zero-knowledge cloud, we don't touch your data. Unlike other cloud providers, with us you can only pay with money. The focus at luckycloud is on secure, privacy-friendly and highly available data processing and customer-oriented services. Behind our support channels sit not only "real people", but trained, German-speaking employees.

Other cloud providers may be a bit cheaper, but then you have to reckon with security and performance level losses. You alone must decide,

  • which cloud provider suits you best,
  • how high the quality (availability and performance) and security must be
  • and whether you need a high level of data protection or just the minimum.

Free support packages

The "Basic Support" is valid for all luckycloud customers.

The "Premium Support" can be used by all luckycloud pro users. System critical requests from luckycloud pro users can only be made by administrators.

luckycloud SLA contracts

luckycloud customers can conclude separate SLA contracts. Here the system admi-nistrators can contact 2nd and 3rd level support at predefined times.

More about both can be found in our support offer whitepaper.

Experience has shown that it is more useful for specific problems if we can keep an eye on them in person. In this case, a remote support appointment is worthwhile. During this appointment, one of our employees will look at your system with you via Anydesk. This way we can achieve the best service and help you quickly and competently.

Book a remote support meeting

You can contact us at any time via phone, email or our chat and ask for an appointment, you will then be assigned an appointment as soon as possible.

We charge 22,50€ / 15min for our remote support, unless it is an error on our part.



To save you and us time, it is helpful if you follow the steps below before the appointment takes place.

  1. If you do not have Anydesk installed, you can download the software here:

  2. Restart your computer.

  3. have your luckycloud login details ready

  4. if necessary: Have your router IP ready


Since MacOS 12, Anydesk permissions must be given for the software to work. 1.

  1. go to the "Apple icon " in the upper left corner
  2. Click on "System Preferences ".
  3. navigate to "Security " (sometimes: "Security and Privacy ")
  4. on the left-hand side, under "Operating Help " and "Screen Capture ", you need to include Anydesk
  5. finally, restart Anydesk.

For NAS systems

For NAS servers, please have the IP address of your NAS and the admin password ready.

Access via web browser:

  • If access is via https://luckycloud.de you do not need to pay attention to anything else.
  • Direct access to the data area via the web browser is from now on via: https://sync.luckycloud.de (no longer via storage.luckycloud.de)
  • If your account is shown as "deactivated ", please switch to: https://sync.luckycloud.de

Sync client:

Video tutorial sync client

IMPORTANT After the change, please right-click on the synced directories and select the last option "Resync ".

  • Please open the synchronization client.
  • If you see the login screen, please click "Cancel".
  • Click on the profile icon, top left inside the sync client.
  • Now select your account with the mouse and then click on "Account settings".
  • Change the server address to "https://sync.luckycloud.de" and click "OK".
  • Click on "Login" and re-enter your password.
  • Right-click on each synchronized directory and select "Resynchronize" and " OK."

    IMPORTANT After the change, please right-click on the synced directories and select the last option "Resync ".


Video tutorial Drive-Client

  • Please right click on the Drive client program icon to open the settings.
  • Now select your account at "Accounts".
  • Now click on "Delete" and confirm the deletion.
  • Now click on "Accounts" then "Add account".
  • Now enter in the field "Server" at the top, the new server address "https://sync.luckycloud.de".
  • Now enter email and password and click on "Login".

Mobile App:

Video tutorial "luckycloud App"

  • Please long click on the existing account and select "Delete" or if available click "Edit".
  • Now add a new account and log in again,
  • The new server address is [https://sync.luckycloud.de]

WebDAV interface:

  • Please change the host / server address in your WebDAV application to.
  • Server: https://sync.luckycloud.de/luckydav

Up- and Downloadlinks:

  • Please change the domain in your up- and downloadlinks to

    From https://storage.luckycloud.de/f/74bccb59b0ea41bdb54b/
    becomes for example

Still questions open?

If you couldn't find an answer to your question in our FAQ, or have a suggestion for another item, please feel free to contact us.

  • Live Chat on our website
  • by phone at +49(0)30 814 570 920
  • by Email: