Frequently asked user questions:

Yes, but we strongly advise against it. You should have at least two backups in the worst case, as we cannot assume any liability for your data.

To synchronize your data on the PC with the luckycloud, we recommend the installation of our clients. So you can synchronise files and folders and access them faster. luckycloud distinguishes between two types of clients:

Sync Client (recommended)

  • Saves the synchronized files locally on the PC
  • Every change to files and folders, whether by you or other users, is automatically applied and displayed.
  • You can decide for each folder whether it should actually be synchronized (and thus saved locally on your PC).
  • You can decide where to store the folders on your PC
  • Access to files and folders is also guaranteed without the Internet.

We recommend the installation of the Sync-Client, because you can easily access and work with your folders and files without Internet. As soon as you are online again, all changes will be transferred to the cloud. It is important that you have enough storage space on your PC.

Drive Client

  • Instead of saving the files on your PC, the Drive Client connects to a network.
  • Every change to files and folders, whether by you or other users, is automatically applied and displayed.
  • You can download and synchronize certain folders offline.
  • An Internet connection is required to access your data.

We recommend the use of the Drive-Client if there is only limited space available on your PC. Once you have a fast Internet connection, you can easily access larger files in the luckycloud without using up your storage space. But if you don't have an Internet connection, you can't work on files and folders.

In order to work on a document simultaneously with team colleagues or external partners and to be able to track all changes in real time, the creation of a release link is a good idea. This allows you to easily share and edit files with non-registered users.

To create a share link, click "Share " next to the folder or file in the Web Interface. You can now copy the link or forward it by mail to the selected person.

The term "user" at luckycloud refers to someone who has a luckycloud account and has access to the luckycloud. The administrator can assign the following roles to a user:

  • User
  • Team
  • Guest

The "administrator" at luckycloud is the person who takes over the payment, account and team administration. An administrator account also has access to luckycloud's cloud storage and can do everything a user can do.

  • So an administrator is also a user.
  • All single user accounts are administrator accounts.

In the Webinterface on the left side you will find the tab Tools and below that the item Activities. All activities of all users in files and folders sorted by date are displayed here, in each case with the corresponding time.

Each change creates a snapshot of the state of the library after the change.
If you accidentally deleted a file, you can easily restore it. To do this, go to the library and click on the clock (versions) in the upper right corner, there you will also see an overview of all changed files. Under Action, the View snapshot option appears via mouse over. Here you can download and restore any version (also by mouse-over under action).

Sometimes other users and you may be editing the same file at the same time. Your changes may conflict with other people's changes. In this case, your changes are saved while your friends' changes are saved as conflict files. These files end with the author's email address and current time - e.g. test.txt (name@beispiel.de 2013-10-01-00-12-24). This allows you to view and adjust the changes manually.

In the Team Manager, click the gear "edit ". Here you can adjust the settings for each individual user individually. In the field private storage space you have the option to assign storage quotas. These should not exceed the available team storage size, otherwise you can make an adjustment in the configurator at any time.

In the Webinterface, under Tools, click Published Library, and then click the Publish Libraries button.

To change the language in the customer dashboard, click DE or alternatively EN in the top right corner.
In the Webinterface select any language in the upper right corner of the gearwheel under language setting.

Video tutorial: Change language

Deleted data in the recycle bin and versions also occupy storage space. We recommend that you clean up your data.

Attention: Irrevocable deletion. A recovery of the deleted versions is no longer possible!

If you delete a user, all luckycloud services will be deactivated with immediate effect and the data stored there will be completely deleted. To add this user again, please contact our customer support at or +49(0) 30 74782827.

An encrypted library cannot be decrypted again. Encrypting a library is a one-time process, like a fingerprint, which is irreversible. You need to upload the entire encrypted library data to a new library to "decrypt" or re-encrypt it.

You can access our service with WebDAV, we no longer offer SFTP for security reasons.

If you set up a recurring payment via PayPal, you allow luckycloud to debit your Paypal account for a period of 12 months. If the debit agreement expires, you will have to conclude a new contract or set up payment at the current prices. We recommend using the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme or credit card.

Please check your data again:

Options Input
Server: https://storage.luckycloud.de
Username: your full email adress
Password: your luckycloud password
computer name: Any name that will later be listed in your device history.

Possible error sources during account setup

If you receive an error message, check the following possible sources of error:

Have you observed upper/lower case? Is your password correct? (Please try Webinterface to log in with your login data.) Have you entered the correct server address? This is: https://storage.luckycloud.de Please delete any spaces before or after your entries.

Yes! luckyWeb is a new product from luckycloud and is therefore not yet integrated into your customer dashboard. Nevertheless, we do not want to deny you the web hosting offer. We would be happy to send you an offer. Please let us know your exact webhosting requirements by email to and we will create a luckyWeb access for you as required. luckyWeb runs on luckycloud´s own servers and just like the other luckycloud services, the luckyWeb servers are operated in an ISO-certified data center in Germany. Wordpress integration is also possible!

In short: With us you are a customer - not a product. We do not sell your data to third parties. As a Zero-Knowledge-Cloud we do not touch your data. Unlike other cloud providers, you can only pay us with money. The focus at luckycloud is on secure, data protection-friendly and highly available data processing and customer-oriented services. Behind our support channels there are not only "real people", but also trained, German-speaking employees.

Other cloud providers may be a bit cheaper, but you'll have to reckon with security and performance level losses. You alone have to decide,

  • which cloud provider suits you best,
  • how high the quality (availability and performance) and security must be
  • and whether you need a high level of data protection or just the minimum.

The "Basic Support" is valid for all luckycloud Storage and luckycloud Mail customers.

The "Premium Support" can be used by all luckycloud pro users. System critical requests from luckycloud pro's users can only be set by administrators.

Art Response time Status "critical" Response time Status "not critical" For who? Email Support Chat Support Telephone Support Remote Support
Basic Support Support Ticket 48h* all luckycloud customers 1st- & 2nd- Level
Premium Support 4h (only for Administrator) 12h* luckycloud pro customers 1st- ,2nd- & 3rd Level

*during general business hours: Monday - Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs.

luckycloud SLA contracts:

luckycloud customers can have separate SLA contracts. Here system administrators can contact 2nd and 3rd level support at pre-defined times.

Art Response time Status "critical" Response time Status "not critical" Price/ Year in Euro Email Support Chat Support Telephone Support
Admin Support 8/5 2h* 6h* 2.500,00 2nd- & 3rd- Level
Admin Support 12/5 2h* 6h* 6.000,00 2nd- & 3rd Level
Admin Support 24/7 2h* 6h* 20.000,00 2nd- & 3rd Level

*during general business hours:

8/5: Monday - Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs.
12/5: Monday - Friday from 7.00 to 19.00.
24/7: Monday - Sunday from 0.00 to 24.00.

If you have any questions about the SLA contracts or need one for you or your company, please send us an email to:

If you are not satisfied with our support contracts, you are welcome to send us your desired support times and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

Support Tickets:

Wenn Sie keinen Jahres Support Vertrag benötigen, können Sie einzelne Support Leistungen mit einem sogenannten Support Ticket abdecken. Hier schaltet sich der 2nd- und 3rd Level Support direkt auf den Kunden Rechner. Die Tickets gibt es zu folgenden Konditionen:

Art Response time Status "critical" Response time Status "not critical" Price per 15 minutes in Euro Telephone Support Remote Support
User Support Ticket 8/5 12h* 22,50
Admin Support Ticket 8/5 2h* 6h* 32,50

* Surcharges for tickets outside regular support hours:

Monday- Friday: 50%
Saturday - Sunday: 100%

You can make an appointment for the support tickets in advance by phone or email under:

+49 (0)30 257 405 39

Häufige Probleme:

I am administrator of the luckycloud account

If you have forgotten your password as an admin, you can request a new password to your verified email address by clicking on "Forgot password".

Video tutorial: Password forgotten as admin

Otherwise you can reset your password at any time in the customer dashboard.

Video tutorial: Changing password in dashboard

I am a team member

If you have forgotten your password as a team member, only your administrator can "edit" you a new password in the Team Manager via the cogwheel. Please contact the administrator of your luckycloud account.

Video tutorial: Send new password for team members

Do you have the right server? Detailed instructions can be found here

Sometimes you may have problems synchronizing a folder. You can find out how this happens and what you can do about it here.

Check in advance under https://status.luckycloud.de whether our systems are accessible.

In principle, it is recommended to shut down and restart the client or PC. Below you will find a list of various errors.

If the synchronization fails, you should check whether one of the following options will help you:

  • Restart: Restart the client by terminating it appropriately. To do this, right-click the Seafile icon in the taskbar at the bottom right and select the Exit option.
  • Standby mode: If your PC is in standby mode, the upload can be interrupted.
  • Where is your data? The client should always be installed where the data is located.
  • Is the hard disk on which your data is stored encrypted? Deactivate the function that the Sync-Client should be started automatically after restarting the PC. Please start the client only after you have decrypted the hard disk.
  • Is it due to your anti-virus program? You can deactivate your anti-virus program as a test to see if it blocks the connection to luckycloud. Do you use a proxy server? If you use a proxy server in your network, you have to configure it manually in the settings of our client.

If you want to synchronize network drives with luckycloud, you have to activate the options "Do not synchronize a library despite local error " and "Do not synchronize a library despite server error " in the settings of the client. Basically, we recommend that you save the data locally for better performance.

If you still have synchronization problems, our technical support is happy to take a look at your systems. Write us an email to our with a short description of the problem and leave a callback number so that we can help you as soon as possible.

If your libraries display a "!" or "X" instead of a green cloud, you can try the following to restore synchronization:

  1. Restart our client by quitting and restarting it. Alternatively, restart the PC.
  2. If the problem persists, you can try to stop the synchronization and reconnect. To do this, right-click on the affected folder in our client and select the option Disconnect synchronization:Then confirm the query with Yes.
  3. Right-click the folder again and select Download and synchronize.
  4. click on Synchronize with existing folder.
  5. finally, you must specify the folder path of the original folder on your computer

After a short synchronization time the cloud should appear green again. It may happen that another user has changed a file in the meantime. If this is the case, conflict files are created automatically.

If the problems persist, please contact our support

You must be authorized to create release links. Share links (upload and download links) can only be created by unencrypted libraries.