Synchronizing libraries

How do I synchronize libraries with the luckycloud?

Already synchronized libraries can be recognized by the green cloud.

When synchronizing files that are located locally on your folder in the luckycloud, there are the following options: a) Download the online library and save it on your computer by creating a new folder locally. b) Connect the online library to an existing local folder on the computer and synchronize data with each other.

The first steps are equal for both possibilities:

  1. right-click on the library you want to synchronize
  2. Select "Download and sync ".
  3. a dialog window opens. Here you must decide for possibility a) or b).

a) Download library:

  1. under "change " select the location where the library should be downloaded locally.

b) Connect library with local folder:

  1. click on "synchronize with existing folder "
  2. Under "Change ", select the folder to synchronize with the online library.
  3. Finally, confirm your selection with "ok " and the synchronization process will begin. As soon as the cloud in the client turns green, the synchronization is completed. The upload speed depends on your Internet speed.

Now you can create/change subfolders or documents within the synchronized folders and the changes ("snapshots") are automatically uploaded to the luckycloud.

Note: If you move the library locally on your computer, the memory path will change and the synchronization process will be interrupted: The cloud in the sync client turns white. Synchronization can easily be resumed by b) connecting the library to the local folder.

Video tutorial: a) Download library

Video tutorial: b) Connect library to local folder

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