Upload data

How do I upload my data into the luckycloud?

Once you have successfully linked your luckycloud account to the Sync client, you can start uploading data and synchronizing. You can easily drag and drop entire folder structures into the cloud and synchronize them:

  1. Select or create a folder locally on your computer.
  2. take the folder and drop it in the bottom field of the Sync client.
  3. (Optional) Encrypt the directory by entering a password. This will encrypt directories end-to-end. Only people who have the appropriate key can access the directory.
  4. Confirm the dialog window that appears.

As soon as the cloud in the client turns green, the upload or synchronization process is completed. Any changes you make to the synchronized folders from now on will be automatically transferred to the cloud.

Please remember that the sync client must be open in the background for the synchronization process.

Besides the Sync-Client there are five other ways to load your data into the cloud:

Due to the functionality and the security it is recommended to use the Sync-Client. you can find more information about the Sync-Client here

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